Who is PLIN?

Let us seduce your tastebuds at PLIN, as the finest ingredients of nature all come together in an entity of flavour and simplicity.

A gift from nature

At PLIN you will experience high quality Italian gastronomy when we put together seasonal ingredients composed on the values of Slow Food©. You will enjoy food based on ingredients grown with the purpose of being good for both the one eating it, for those who produce the ingredients and for our planet. According to our philosophy, food is a simple expression of the gifts of nature, and that is why we cook our dishes with respect to what nature has to offer us in the particular season.

Simple and genuine food

All our dishes are homemade based on ingredients produced by the best market suppliers. Our dishes are put together with respect to the flavour of the ingredients. The simplicity of the dishes lets all of the natural flavours of the ingredients shine bright.

Seasonal menu

Nature determines what gifts it offers, and therefore our menu will vary according to season. That is how we offer you delicious food made from the most fresh and tasty ingredients.

Friendly atmosphere

Food always tastes better in cozy surroundings. You can choose to enjoy your food at a table inside or outside, and either way the friendly and relaxed atmosphere will supplement our gastronomic manifestations nicely.


Why the name PLIN?

This is how we close our agnolotti. Just with a little pinch and then it is done. Simple, easy, perfect. We just need small actions to make things happen.

Find us

Sankt Annæ Pl. 16
København, 1250

+45 22 21 02 09


Opening hours


Monday - Tuesday Closed

Wednesday - Saturday 12:00 - 14:00

Sunday Closed

Mon - Tue: Groups upon request


Monday Closed

Tuesday - Saturday 18:00 - 23:00

Sunday Closed

Mon - Tue: Groups upon request

Kitchen closes at 21:00